The First Grade "A" Energy Efficiency Label Holder For Ceramic-Glass Hobs

"Steel Alborz Co. has acquired the grade A certification in energy efficiency for the ceramic-glass hobs", confirmed by ISIRI (Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran). After a full series of inspection, the ISIRI Lab result accredited the Steel Alborz' ceramic-glass hobs as the grade A energy efficient.
This is the first time that a kitchen appliance company's product has been recognized with such a grade in energy efficiency.

Steel Alborz Co. is honored to receive the IUI 2005 Certificate

t iui-certificateSteel Alborz Co. is honored to receive the IUI 2005 Certificate by International Union of Inventions & Industrial Innovation (IUI) for being the pioneer company in producing Glass Sinks in Iran.

Distinctive presentation of Steel Alborz in Big 5 fair


...Big 5 show is the biggest international fair in construction industries in the region in which the most famous firms

...participated from all over the world.

...This year the fair was held from 21-24 Nov 2011 in global business center where some credible companies took part

...from Germany, United States, England,Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, China and Iran

...Spain,France, Italy, Turkey, China and Iran who They showed the last technologies in construction & building in different fields.